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A Variety of Comfortable Sections to Stay

If there’s one place you can find your clubbing Nirvana, it will be Infinity Lounge. We are located in Meru’s entertainment hub of Makutano and offer the ultimate entertainment destination in Meru. Infinity is divided into 4 sections, VIZ;


Sports Bar: Commonly considered the leading Sports Bar within Meru, we promise a buzzing atmosphere come match-day. Line yourself up with a couple of crisp beers to settle those nerves before the action gets underway; We bring you all the action and show all major sporting events on our modern Giant Television sets in addition to the state of the art 120” screen. With a generous happy hour on already drinkonomical prices and food platters to make your mouth-water; all your needs are pretty much catered for. If sports if your thing, you won’t find a better place in Meru to catch all the action.


Main Bar: Located in the middle of the lounge, the section is popular with patrons and the Bar counter is found here alongside the DJ booth. The section is a party haven and welcomes crowds of music-lovers who flock from right across Meru and beyond. With a stellar reputation for drawing top name DJs and a scintillating sound and light display, this is a stand out spot for clubbing in Meru if you like your music served professionally. This will be the first destination for patrons who love dancing and socializing. The place is well lit with the best LED lighting available to create that cool ambience that revellers look for.




Whether you’re looking for somewhere to stop off for a pre-party cocktail, or wanting the perfect spot for an evening hideaway, look no further than our lounge to enjoy a night-time tipple in Meru. The Lounge is segmented into smaller sections to afford revellers who prefer so sit in groups the comfort and privacy they seek. Boasting of comfortable high back couches, the lounge provides the perfect solution for patrons who want to have fun in a cool and relaxed atmosphere.



Rooftop Gardens: The Roof Gardens are a haven for clubbing nights out in Meru. Though still under renovation with the works expected to be completed in mid April, 2017, when completed, this section will give our patrons an opportunity to have an outdoor feeling while enjoying their favourite drinks and meals. From here, you will enjoy scenic views and  of Meru and its environs. This is the ideal location for all of your parties including wedding receptions, end of year parties etc. We will also have some of the best live bands playing here.

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